P.O. Box 1144, Vicksburg, MS 39181


30 Years and Still Rockin'!


Vicksburg, Mississippi’s very own Nikita Chambers -Randle aka Nikita, knew she was born to sing. Her strong, soulful, and emotional alto voice is a delightful surprise when compared with her soft‐spoken nature. The gospel influences that she received growing up shaped much of her early training in and around the church. Her parents enriched her life by exposing her to diverse musical experiences at an early age which helped to further develop her voice and passion for music.

Nikita’s gifts have been inspired by such great artists as; Stephanie Mills,  Shirley Brown, Marvin Sease, Anne Peebles, and Whitney Houston. These singers, along with her gospel roots, have produced the gutsy, rich, quasi‐country singing style that she delivers today.

Nikita sang all throughout her teen years. Shortly after high school, she began her career as background singer for Soul Diva, Vickie Baker. This position opened up the opportunity for Nikita to collaborate with many Rhythm and Blues greats such as Stan Mosley, the late Mississippi Slim and many others.

Today, Nikita spends much of her energy sharpening her craft and preparing for her next release and upcoming performances. Her debut single entitled “Candy Lover,” under her former title, “Mys Niki”, was released in September, 2015, and made 3 top 20 Southern Soul charts including blues critic, Daddy B Nice’s sought after Top 10 breaking singles. Nikita’s music has topped the charts in the U.K. as well. In mid-2016, Nikita joined forces with the Bad Boy of Southern Soul, T.K. Soul under Soulful Records,  and released her latest single entitled “Rules to the Game” (Stay in Your Lane) which is already making huge waves throughout the music world.